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Monday, 27-Mar-2006 21:46 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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Saturday, 18-Mar-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Warwick Games 2006

mars, me n mooney
fizah, me n krystle
let's go warwick, let's go!!!
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yup yup... time for netball peeps... heh... FINALLY we won first place... yezza there's a gold among my silverware collections... ahaks... not that i'm saying medal is the most important tapi best laaaa jugak kan.... sheessshhh... congratz Warwick A!!! and to Warwick B too!!! man it's like icing on the cake... i think for netball this year i prefer calling it warwick's games... hahaha... WE ROCKED GIRLS!!! luv u all!! xxx

apparently this is my last netball match in UK... huhhuhuhu... tak best nyeee... pasnih main tuk PwC la plak kot... ceh berangan lebey2 laks...

footballers... no worries... there's always next year.. but then soo sad tak sempat tgk dieorg main...

the banting team a.k.a norwich team.. they won again... impressed gels ngan dieorg nih... tak prac sesame pun bleh menang eh... neway congratz!!! next time bg chance la plak kat team warwick... heh...

Warwick MSA.... well done... u guys did a great job!!


Saturday, 11-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Warwick Malaysian Night 2006 - PERFORMANCES!!!!

onjak sekaki dancers
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check out the:
-'trad+hip-hop'ness of our onjak sekaki!!!
dancers:me,mars,tanya,su hsien,delene,dina,cheryl,rai,michelle,nadia

-the gracefulness of ulek mayang....
dancers:diyana,farah,nadiah,yung hui,felicia,marjan,shammy

-the 'cute'ness of ayo mama and embun sosek!!!

-the 'great' dola re dola!!!

-the awesome warwick dikir barat team!!! wooohoooo!!!

-the 'gempak'ness of our closing dance!!! MENUJU PUNCAK!!! yezzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaa.....
dancers:me,mars,delene,felicia,tanya,su hsien,michelle,steph,dian,shake,amar,cheryl, faeez,lutfi,faisal, melvin,jason

-the brilliant and talented actors from Batik and Songket!!!

it's WARWICK MALAYSIAN NIGHT 2006 peeps!!!!!!

Saturday, 11-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

me n elaine
me n rai
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had a blast, it was ABSOLUTELY amazing.... every single performance was great... am sooooooo proud to be part of it....

but still there is sadness hidden somewhere inside my heart as this is the last malaysian night for me.... after this no more performing for this superb event....

thank you sooo much to the onjak sekaki, ayo mama and menuju puncak dancers!!! u guys are the best... keep on dancing for next year's malaysian night ekkkk.... and to my dikir barat team, thank you!!! i am soooo proud of u guys... we did it!!! woooohhooooo!!!!

Tuesday, 14-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
trip to prague!!!

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merdeka!!! merdeka!! merdeka!!! haha.... br abis exam... so planned gi prague ngan housemates, friends and senior2... best gak aaarrr... had fun... the stuff was cheap just like wat i've been told.. hehe... so ape lagi shopping lerrrrrrrr....

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